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Okamati Station on the Hankyu-Takarazuka line is thirty or forty minutes from the central station Umeda. Fast train goes there without stopping. Many residents of Osaka because of the bombings have left the city, Russell away in the suburbs, bringing the population of the city of Toyonaka increased after the war twice. Etsuko lived in the village Mayden, a suburb of Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture. However, to be precise, Mayden could hardly be called a village, but to buy at least some goods, but cheaper, had to go to Osaka, having spent just over an hour way. Etsuko went there for shopping just a day before the Autumn Equinox holiday. She wanted to buy for the offerings on the altar of fruit dzamboa, loved her late husband Rёsuke. Unfortunately, the department store they were already sold out. Moved by remorse, or other reasons, she thought, it was to continue searching elsewhere, but in this moment rain blocked her path. Other cases in the city she did not have. Etsuko has entered into a passenger train to Takarazuka, has taken its place. Outside the window is still lashing rain. Standing next to the passenger opened the evening edition of the newspaper, and the smell of fresh ink Etsuko brought out of his reverie. She looked around furtively. Nothing interesting.

There was a whistle conductor. Heavy and dejected wavered between cars chain. Deaf-Drum Scrapers zhetanie its links accompanied by monotonous shocks. The train moved forward. This was repeated each time, like a ritual, when the next train departs from the station. Rain stopped. Etsuko turned her head and looked out the window, his eyes fixed on the flow of sunlight bursting from the cloud to the failures of suburban homes and streets. It seemed to stretch him frail and pale little hands.

His constant lethargy Etsuko like a pregnancy. Even I went just myself without realizing it. And next to it there was no one who would like to correct her posture. For this afar recognized her gait. From the station it passed Okamati Shinto gate [2] Hachiman temple, then busy streets Komachi. She walked so slowly that until made it to the outskirts, dusk fell.

The municipal buildings were lit fires. To escape this poor village of a hundred or more of the same tiny houses, handed over the same rent, there was a shorter way, which Etsuko somehow always "avoided. If you throw a casual look out the window, you can see all the typical pattern: a cheap buffet for tea utensils, a low table, radio, outdoor muslin pillows; sometimes in the corner of the table to attract the attention of a meager dinner under a warm hat couple - how it irritated Etsuko! Her imagination drew quite different picture of well-being that are obscured from her surrounding poverty. The road led away into the darkness. Cicadas trilled. Sunset, reflected in the last puddles faded. Wet vague breeze plunged into a rice field Spikes on both sides of the road. Rice ears, Bent and dejected, to give the wind. Etsuko, breaking the big hook, typical of the countryside, at last reached the path that meandered along a small river. It was a neighborhood of the village Mayden. Between the river and the path stretched bamboo thickets. From these places up to Nagaoka located edible tropical bamboo plantations - and the glory of this province. The path through bamboo thickets led to a wooden bridge across the river. Etsuko crossed the bridge, passed the house of the former landowner, was held between the maples and fruit trees, climbed the uneven stone steps surrounded by a hedge of tea bushes and parted the door to the porch, entered the house Sugimoto, who at first glance seemed a splendid country-house, constructed zealous owner. About frugality and wit Sugimoto said details such as home decoration cheap rough wood in inconspicuous places extraneous eye. From the back room came the laughter of children Asako, Etsuko daughters in law. "How is it that they are so merry? How can you laugh so rude? "- Etsuko sluggish thought and put her purse on the table with their purchases. без рекламы порно и секс услуг, Эротика и проститутки ххх запрещены.

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